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Dear Friends,

It’s hard to believe our new granddaughter is now 3 years old – where has the time gone! She is full of energy with an imagination to match and bursts into song at the drop of a hat.  A proper little actress – I wonder where she gets that from?! You can hold a proper conversation with her and she loves books.  Peter Rabbit is a favourite at the moment.

I love the way she clambers up onto my knee book in hand saying, ‘read Granny , please.’ Last Christmas she was absolutely besotted with, and I quote ‘ baby Jesus – he’s so cute’ and the nativity story. I’m looking forward to  teaching her to say her prayers – just like my Dad taught me.   Being a Christian and having faith is a huge part of who I am as ‘Granny Ali’-  why would I not want to teach her to pray?

Some one said to me that they wouldn’t dream of talking to their grandchild about Jesus or even admit to a friend that they went to church – because it’s a personal thing?!  I’m afraid that as Christians being silent or inactive is so far from what we are called to be – how can we ‘proclaim’ the gospel, the good news if we are silent or inactive.   Faith isn’t meant to be something we keep in a box only to be opened on Sunday’s when we smile at our friends in church.

Faith is meant to be something active within our lives 24/7. This shouldn’t make us religious nuts or bores but rather attractive human beings who display something of the character and love of God in all circumstances and to all we meet.

The 30th of May is Ascension Day and the beginning of the Diocesan 10 days of Prayer.  It is also the ten days of Thy Kingdom Come – a global prayer movement, inviting Christians to pray during the days between Ascension and Pentecost for more people to come to know Jesus. Churches Together Tickhill are actively taking part in this so please look out for the events taking place on the notice sheet, in the magazine and our website.

In his book ‘Why Pray? ‘Robert Llewelyn, priest and chaplain and a ‘praying presence’ at the shrine of Julian of Norwich from 1976-1990 shared these words to school children when, at their request, he blessed their prayer room:

‘ Prayer is a holding on to God until we move into the knowledge that we are being held…When we go to prayer we draw on the immensity of God’s love. The reservoir is huge but its finite, inexhaustible. But perhaps I’m a cup and I can’t hold much; or a bucket and I can hold more; or maybe I’m only a thimble. It is through prayer, through breathing in the love of God that the spirit grows so that thimbles become cups and cups become buckets, and buckets become baths.’

As  our Saviour taught us, let us pray…..


Every blessing

Revd Ali