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Dear Friends,

How unexpected and lovely it was to have a surprise visit from my granddaughter yesterday, and what a welcome distraction it was from what was quickly becoming a bit of a ‘mare of a day’!

Meelie-bobs – oops, sorry, I should say Amelia Rose (as she is very keen to point out is her proper name), landed in a cacophony of sound, “Granny!!! Granny!!!!!” and was soon on a quest hunting ‘Mr Froggy’ who had obviously heard her arrival and had taken cover in the undergrowth for fear of an imminent attack.

Having polished off a ‘little snack’ of cherry tomatoes and blueberries?!! (“It’s only a snack Granny, I’ve just had my dinner”), I was given a rendition of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star; Baa Baa Black Sheep, and a new version of the former that had obviously nor been on my radar: ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Chocolate Bar, my dad drives a racing car!!’ (with actions!!).

Meelie Bobs- I mean Amelia Rose -will be starting Foundation 1 at Lilly Hall School in September and it’s probably a good job. At three and a half, she is at the “What? Why?” stage where everything you say is greeted with a what or a why – and the world is a wonder of amazing things and wonderful surprises, a  grand opportunity to learn and suck up knowledge better than a Dyson hoover. I love her enthusiasm and joy at everything she sees and experiences and what an absolute blessing she is.

As I sat outside last night having had my tea and relishing the warm summer evening, birdsong and flowers in the garden – and wondering if Mr Froggy would ever venture back into the pond at some point, I thanked God for the blessing of Meelie Bobs – Amelia Rose – and all that she taught me today in that flying visit – that life is a continuing adventure, a learning opportunity and a gift to be enjoyed to the full. Just because we are no longer children we should never stop asking questions and finding pleasure in the simple things that are around us. We don’t need an X Box or the latest technology to fill our days. We already have the tools of eyes to see and ears to hear, legs to run or walk and a brain to process all the information it receives in a day.

As Christians we should be constantly seeking God in the ordinary and the extraordinary, to learn his ways through the teachings of Jesus, to enjoy his presence amongst us in our joy and sorrow, to share our amazement and findings with others. Don’t forget, when all that Mary could do was to weep at the tomb of her beloved Lord, it was in her weeping that she had her encounter with the risen Jesus that changed her life. We should never cease to seek out and learn from him and never be afraid to ask, “Why?” or “What?” and always give thanks for the epiphany moments that ensue.

I pray blessings on all those of you who have broken up from school for the summer­ teachers and children alike. May it be a time of rest, and joy, and preparations for the next step on your learning curve of life.

With every blessing,

Revd Ali