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An Easter Message from Reverend Alison Earl

This is the first time in the Gospels that we hear Jesus saying, ‘Peace be with you.’  It’s as if he can only finally proclaim peace on the far side of the cross.  We have seen the cost of reconciliation, of the crossing over to the side of the lost and forgotten; so now we hear the word ‘peace’ we should also hear a challenge to ourselves.  Jesus has made our peace, Jesus has made God’s peace with those the world ignores; and that peace has been won by an act of identification that casts aside safety, private interest, tribal self- concerns.

There is no healing with out cost.  No healing without truth.  But when the price is paid and the truth is told, there is healing at a depth we can barely imagine- the life of a new creation.

 ‘Jesus said, ‘Peace be with you! As the Father sent me, I am sending you’ (John 20:21)

 Jesus, give us courage to face the ways we have hurt or forgotten others; courage to face the hurt we ourselves have suffered; courage to face those who have made us suffer.  Let us not make forgiveness cheap; but give us strength to believe in it and to let our lives be shaken and renewed by it- by your forgiveness of us and by your call to us to forgive in the liberty of your Spirit, the first gift of the resurrection life. Amen.