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Dear Friends,

Jesus said to his disciples, ‘I will ask the Father and he will give you another Advocate to be with you forever.’

John Chapter 14 v 16

Out of Jesus love for his disciples and for God’s love of both Jesus and humanity, Jesus promises that an Advocate or ‘helper’ would be sent to them when he would no longer physically be with them. Note that Jesus says another Advocate. This is because Jesus himself is an advocate sent by God to the world, to reconcile it, to love it, and to draw humanity closer to God. After Jesus was no longer with his followers the Holy Spirit would be that other advocate and walk with them and guide them the way that Jesus had walked with them and guided them.

The definition of love is illuminated throughout the Gospels as we see Jesus loving, advocating, being with the marginalised, feeding the hungry , healing the sick.  As a Christian community we are to continue that work. We are advocates within our community and personal relationships, making sacrifices out of love for others; forgiving and being forgiven; showing love outside of our homes and church buildings and being a public witness to God’s love in whatever way we can.

All life is founded on love – and without that love life is impossible.

With my love and every blessing

Revd Ali