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Dear Friends,

During this period of lockdown I have re- acquainted myself with the wisdom of the mystics of the Church.  At the moment I am reading ‘Set Your Heart Free’ which is one of a series of books which provides daily readings from the most beloved spiritual guides- in this case St. Francis de Sales (1567-1622) bishop of Geneva, Switzerland.  It uses a series of daily meditations drawn from the mystics’ writings, with a mantra, throughout the day and a night prayer to focus one’s thoughts at the end of the day.  I thought this meditation was worth reflecting on:

“An old proverb bids us ‘make haste slowly’.  Likewise King Solomon reminds us that ‘hurried feet stumble’.  And those who worry themselves sick over every detail of their lives do little, and what little they do they do poorly.  The noisiest bees produce no honey.  We need to nourish our spirits, diligently and carefully, but this is very different from anxiety and debilitating worry.  Care and solitude don’t undermine tranquility and peace of mind, but anxiety and spiritual nitpicking, to say nothing of upset and frenzy, most certainly do.  Be conscientious in all you are called to do, but do not let hurry, upset, anxiety and nervousness, get in the way of common sense and good judgement, and prevent you from doing well what God calls you to do.  Our Lord rebuked Martha by calling her back to the one thing necessary.  ‘’Martha, Martha, you are careful and troubled about many things’’.  We may need to hear the same rebuke.

With every blessing Revd Ali