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Dear Friends,

Jesus said ‘’ learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart’’ Matthew 11:29

As I write this, these words of last weeks Gospel are continuing to run through the ‘windmills of my mind’.  Hence, they are the focus on my ponderings for this week’s pause for thought.

‘’Learn from me,’’ Jesus said, for I am gentle and humble of heart’. In other words, learn from me, to be patient and gentle with your neighbour and humble before God.  Learn from me, to be patient and gentle with everyone, and that includes yourself.  Don’t be anxious to condemn yourself every time you fall. Instead, patiently, gently, pick yourself up and start all over again.  To follow this simple advice is to discover the secret of a truly devout life.  God will give you an inward peace and all the patience you need, but you must sincerely ask him for it.  And you must put it to work, day by day.

Use every opportunity to perform acts of patient gentleness, no matter how small they may seem at the time, for our Lord has promised:  ‘’To the person who is faithful in little things, greater ones will be given’’.


With every blessing Revd Ali