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‘The Kingdom of heaven is like the yeast a woman took and mixed it in with three measures of flour until it was leavened all through’

Matt 13:33

Dear Friend,

Unlike the convenient packets of dried yeast we have today, in Jesus time leavening was done by letting some bread rot just enough to leaven a new batch of ingredients.  The kingdom of Heaven here is being modelled after something that may be seen as unwanted and unusable in everyday like – and yet God makes it good.  We are all called to take the leaven of the gospel into a world that without it cannot rise to meet God’s challenge.  A little of the gospel may be all that is needed to begin leavening a great quantity of people.  We may start from such a small beginning that until we have progressed in leavening, our impact is not apparent.  But we need to start: until the yeast has been introduced into the flour, no leavening can begin. Have we made a start, in faith?  Or are we being leavened by someone who has already been activated by God?  We must trust God.  The God that uses what others think is unusable.  The God that sees in us what others cannot see.  By living this way, we become of what the Kingdom of Heaven is made.

With every blessing

Revd Ali