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‘ The Kingdom of Heaven……’

Dear Friends,

At a time of many changes and moving towards different ways of going about our day to day lives – many feel unsettled and fearful at this time.  This moving away from the familiar and this idea of unsettledness perhaps was amplified by those who attended St Mary’s for Holy Communion on Sunday.  The red and white tape separating the pews from the week before had now been replaced by green ribbon (echoing the liturgical colours).  Other areas that had been open the week before were now closed off with red and white hazard tape due to the risk of masonry falling.  There was also the requirement that all were ‘strongly advised’ to wear face masks.  Some arrived to find they were in the minority – and were maskless.

Last Sunday, we heard in our Gospel that the Kingdom of Heaven was like a Mustard Seed.  The Mustard seed was the biblical equivalent of ‘Japanese Knotweed’ in that it grows in the most unlikely places and is very invasive and extremely difficult to get rid of once it takes hold.

Perhaps the lesson we can learn from that parable and perhaps we may take comfort in- is that like the mustard seed it doesn’t matter how alien the environment is that we may find ourselves in, like the mustard seed if we trust and have faith , we will find a way through and grow where we are required to .

With every blessing

Revd Ali