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All good gifts around us are sent from Heaven above


Dear Friends,

Today sees us celebrate Harvest.  The words of the harvest hymn always take me back to childhood.

The church was filled with produce and flowers, the Harvest Supper turns took place and the goods were auctioned by two generations of the same farming family. Bids were made and humour abounded.

And the end result was donated to charity. Today our produce will be forwarded to the food banks.

The past year has shown us the foolishness of our current systems where connection to the local producer is often lost.

We need to relearn that connection and, as Christians, we need to appreciate all the gifts we are given and re-establish links to our local producers.

Although we are not able to meet in church today, let us all share the good news as we are able, and give thanks to God for those who work to provide our food and for all his gifts.

Have a blessed Harvest.

Padre Andy