Pause for thought

By October 31, 2020 No Comments

Dear Friends,

This was shared with me, it captures all I feel.

As the evenings lengthen, as the weather closes in and as the darkness of a nation in crisis seems to gather and deepen, so the Church confronts us irresistibly with the promise of hope and light.

November begins with the great festivals of All Saints and All Souls in which we celebrate the salvation we find in Jesus and remember that the Church of which we are a part is no time-bound human institution but the faithful company of believers in every age and every place.

Our worship matters because in it the veil between earth and heaven is torn away and we see for a while the life we are called to share for all eternity with all God’s saints and holy ones.

We must never lose sight of this truth. Whether we are in church physically, virtually or praying on our own – we are never on our own.

God Bless. Padre Andy