Statement from Reverend Ali

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Statement from Revd Ali

Dear Friends,

Can I first thank you all for your prayers and support whilst I have been off these last few months.  It has been a very difficult time and has taken its toll as you can imagine.  The good news is that I shall be returning back to work on Monday 16th November on a phased return.

During this time away from ministry I have had to reflect on many things, not least what the future may hold.  Also, a number of things have happened, that means there will be a significant change to Andy’s and my personal circumstances and we have had to make some life changing decisions.

As you know Andy was hoping for an extension in the Army in April when he was due to leave the service. It has become clear that this was not going to happen and so we have had to start planning, our main focus being buying a house through Forces Help to buy which we would not be able to do once Andy had left the Army.  Even in this climate we have been fortunate to do this and have been successful and we now have our own home in Cornwall which we are so blessed to have.  At the same time there was a part time job advertised in Truro Diocese for an Assistant Safeguarding Advisor which he applied for -not thinking that he would have a chance of getting it – but he has been offered the job.

In light of this and after much prayer and soul searching we have decided that Andy should accept the job and I will take early retirement from parish ministry. I have written to Bishop Pete and he has accepted my notice to retire. Therefore, I am now writing to you to inform you that I shall be retiring from parish ministry on the 11th February 2021, my last service being on the 7th February.

I do hope you will keep Andy and I in your thoughts and prayers over these last few months of my ministry here.

With every blessing

Revd Ali