Pause for thought – Two of our current themes

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Two of our current themes


As we continue conversations about identity, sexuality, gender and relationships we remember that we are children of the God whose perfect love casts out fear. One of our challenges is to remember that, without exception, we all stand in need of God’s mercy and grace. Our job is not to judge one another, but just as Jesus welcomes us, rejoicing in our differences, so we embrace one another.

At their conference last week for Methodist Church agreed to allow same sex marriages. Not all will agree with this decision, but over the next few months there will need to be many similar areas of discussion and a way found to forge the future. If we all agree that we are all equal in the sight of God we will embrace our diversity and recognise that we are all unique. Our bodies, personalities and abilities differ, yet each of us is created and loved by God. We echo that love when we love one another in all our diversity. We fail to echo that love when we deny that diversity or treat others as inferior.

In terms of “doing our bit” for the health of our planet we may think that our bit won’t make much difference, but each bit we can do effectively, as a community, can begin to effect the change we need to see. How about giving some thought about food miles over the next few days?

The Churchwardens (John Marsden & Joan Nathan)