Pause for thought – Encourage one another

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Therefore encourage one another


In the “Living in Love and Faith” course we are invited to open up a conversation about sexuality and relationships that has often been missing from our churches. We are human beings, whether we are in a sexual relationship or not, and so questions about these things affect our lives and wellbeing. Where there is an openness to hear one another’s stories and to share our own, the church can be an affirming and healing place. Where some subjects are closed down and people are silenced, the church community can be repressive and even dangerous.

There can be a proper and understandable reticence to speak, but staying silent out of fear or shame when we experience problems can rob us of the joy and healing that God wants for us. Jesus calls the church to be a place where people can be themselves without fear. Listening is a gift which we all need to practise in order to help one another. The Bible tells us that bodies matter. They are created by God. We, the church, are Christ’s body on earth. Our bodies are described as “members of Christ” and “a temple of the Holy Spirit”. Our bodies have great dignity and a wonderful destiny and so we are called to “honour God with our body”. Thinking about God’s creation this week can we perhaps consider our use of water- the precious commodity that it is?

The Churchwardens