Pause for thought – Gospel Reflection – Hovis

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Gospel Reflection – Hovis

The very word conjures up a good feeling of a tasty loaf of bread in front of you. In fact, the title came about in 1890 as a result of a competition to find a trading name for the patent Germ-flour. Hovis is a contraction of two Latin words – Hominis Vis – meaning ‘the strength of man’.

In our reading today, Jesus again describes himself as ‘the bread of life’. Food has an immense effect on us; immense but generally gradual. We can miss a meal and not collapse, or have a binge without wrecking our health. Yet, week by week, what we eat gradually shapes us.

And if Jesus, who makes God known to us, is the bread of life, that points the way we are likely to know the effects of God in us: not (usually) in a sudden transformation, but rather by a gradual yet deep changing as – day by day, week by week – we feed on Jesus. We are all ‘works in progress’. Let us all strive to become more like Him who is the true bread.

     'Bread of heav'n on thee we feed, for thy flesh is meat indeed. 
      Ever may our souls be fed with this true and living bread.
      Day by day with strength supplied through the life of Him who died'.


John Marsden