Pause for thought – Be Prepared

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Be Prepared!

‘Be prepared’. Excellent advice. Teachers tell their pupils to prepare for their exams. The Scout and Guide Association trains young people to be ready for any eventuality. Firefighters put on special clothing before tackling a ravaging fire. Hospital staff put on special PPE before treating Covid patients. Paul writes to Christians at Ephesus to remind them to be prepared to deal with life experiences that will threaten their spiritual well being.

Divisions within the church at Ephesus were beginning to happen. So Paul reminds them of God’s glorious plan to bring people of every nation and background together in Christ. We are all equal in Christ. We are all one in Christ. This has consequences for the way we live. We should care for each other. Support each other. Be sensitive to different opinions.

Our love for each other should be the defining glory of the church. This should be the light that shines out into a dark world. Sadly, all too often we don’t love/care for each other. We have lost the plot! We have not prepared ourselves properly.

Paul reminds us to keep alert and pray constantly for God’s help and guidance in our relationships. A former Archbishop of Canterbury wrote, ‘When we pray, wonderful things happen. When we don’t, they don’t.’

Let’s be prepared. Pray for each other continually and see what happens!


Noreen Sweed