Pause for thought – Global heating and climate emergency

By September 26, 2021 No Comments

Global Heating and Climate Emergency

During the last 50 years we have become increasingly aware of the fragility of our life here on Earth. Nowadays, even the youngest members of our communities are aware that the earth is warming up rapidly and we need to try to reverse this demise otherwise life as we know it will change irreversibly.

Many of the problems involved with climate change involve our increasing reliance on fossil fuels which pollute the atmosphere with carbon dioxide. The increased production of meat and intensive agricultural processes causes more methane and nitrous oxide to be released into the atmosphere.

Last winter we saw wild forest fires in Australia. This summer we have seen similar fires in California, flooding in the southern states of the USA, Africa and Asia. Hurricanes and cyclones have hit many parts of the world.

This week the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is in the USA for talks with President Biden and other world leaders. Some of their discussion is about the climate emergency and how governments can address it. However, we as individuals can make small changes to our lifestyles. Many of us remember the days when central heating in our homes was a luxury. If it was particularly cold, we were told to ‘put on an extra layer’ or, ‘jump up and down to keep warm’. I am certainly not advocating that we go back to the days of frost on the inside of windows in the morning but maybe putting on an extra jumper might mean we can turn the thermostat down a degree or two?

Joan Nathan