Pause for thought – the climate emergency

By October 2, 2021 No Comments

Climate Emergency

Human beings are having a rapid, deep and long-lasting effect on our planet. Wherever we look we have drastically changed God’s creation so that it is hard to find unspoilt, pristine nature anywhere. We human beings are the unchallenged masters of our planet – and yet we are vulnerable – coronavirus being a case in point.

Often the people most affected by climate change are those living in poorer countries in the Global South. This is grossly unfair as they have done the least to cause this emergency. Many will be forced to move off low-lying islands because of rising sea levels.

We are commanded: ‘Love your neighbour as you love yourself’. As Jesus shows us in the parable of the Good Samaritan, our neighbour is the one in need – whoever or wherever he or she may be. Our concerns need to be global. As followers of Jesus, we cannot ignore the plight of those already affected by climate change.

Many are giving more thought to the insulation of their homes, their use of renewable forms of energy, the avoidance of unnecessary packaging and the value of walking/cycling where possible. Somehow we need to work towards a more just world society – what can we do to play our part?

The Churchwarden