Diocesan Strategy

The 2018 Strategy falls under three areas: Renewed, Released, Rejuvenated.

In our new strategy, Bishop Pete made two assumptions. One was that the initial work detailed in five documents still broadly outlines what we want to do. The second is that there is to be no deviation from the direction of travel set out in them. The 2018 strategy builds on this work and the implementation of it.

You can explore the strands of the strategy using the three buttons below.

Living God
Jesus calls his followers to seek first your Kingdom.
Renew us as we make your love known;
Release us to share freely together in mission;
and Rejuvenate us to be fruitful in your service.
Give us courage, wisdom and compassion,
that strengthened with the grace of the Holy Spirit,
we may, as the Diocese of Sheffield,
both flourish and grow through Christ our Lord.