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Parish Churches now have just the two churchwardens. As our long tradition of three wardens comes to an end, the P.C.C. is keen to explore the position of a Deputy position. To enable a wider understanding of the role of a churchwarden the following is an extract from the recent “Visitation” Service.

The Office of Churchwarden is an ancient and honourable office in the life of the Church and nation. The Churchwardens are the Bishop’s lay officers in the parish, responsible directly to him for the life and work of the Church within the community. They are admitted to their office by the Archdeacon (on behalf of the Bishop) to whom they are particularly responsible for the care of the church building, its fabric and its contents. The Churchwardens are called to cooperate with the incumbent and the Parochial Church Council in the pastoral, evangelistic, financial and worshipping life of the parish church. They should bring to the attention of the Bishop such matters as come to their knowledge affecting the life of the Church and congregation for which they are responsible.

During an Interregnum the Wardens are responsible for the organisation and running of the Parish.

If you feel drawn towards thinking about the role of Deputy warden with a view to supporting and shadowing the current wardens, please have a word with them or the Vicar.