A Gospel reflection – The Good Shepherd

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The Good Shepherd


As we begin to move on from the Easter narrative we have this wonderful image of Christ as the Good Shepherd.

With all the programmes on farms and the countryside we’ve had on television recently, and the knowledge that we have lambs being born locally, it is not difficult to appreciate the wonder of new life and the care that is taken with the livestock. Total commitment. On call 24 hours a day. Facing all the challenges new life brings. So it is for a good job to be done with this profession and within any sphere.

So, Jesus demonstrates His love for His ‘flock’ by giving His life. ‘Greater love hath no man….’ He is always looking for bringing in other ‘sheep’ who recognize His call and is prepared to die so that the flock may remain secure. Our Lord compares this calling with the hired hand who is only into shepherding for the money and lacks loyalty, running away at the first sign of danger. Under the hired hand the flock is in jeopardy from wolves. Under the good shepherd, the sheep bask in the reflected love of their Creator, offered to them by the Son.

John Marsden